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The Importance of Eye Exams

An eye exam is a series of tests that determine an individual’s ability to see. The process is similar for ophthalmologists and orthoptists. Optometrists, orthoptists, and other healthcare professionals perform eye exams on a regular basis. The aim of the eye exam is to ensure that a person has the ability to see clearly and distinguish between different types of objects. There are also other tests that examine a person’s eyes.

The phoropter test will help the doctor determine the best combination of lenses for a particular patient. Usually, the doctors will ask the patient to read a few letters while the doctor illuminates them. The doctor may also ask the patient to stare at a card with letters at a reading distance. During the exam, the doctor will test a patient’s vision using a Snellen chart. Once the doctor is ready, the doctor will begin testing the patients’ vision.

A thorough eye exam is a good way to ensure that an individual’s eye health is in tip-top shape. Several other tests can be performed to determine a person’s overall health. The physician will check the pupil size, the strength of the eyes, and the muscles of the eyes. A comprehensive exam usually takes at least an hour. The patient is asked to cover one eye at a time and will be asked to look at a small object.

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